July/27 Version .1

-Fixed menu so you can pause/resume game/quit game

-Fixed Inventory so you can now pick up items and they show up and can be used or drop.

-Added wood pick up

-Added campfire which you can create with a log, when in radius condition slowly recharges(Careful fire damage is in and when crafted it is placed to close to character, again Health has no effect yet.)

-Added can of beans to boost stats and cure infection.

-Added more zeds that attack you.

-Added flashlight

-Added a few more props

July/30 Version .2

-Added cluster of logs ( has same inventory image and text but crafts a wooden block in front of you, still working on it)

-Added Battery

-Added Mana

-Added Intensity to flashlight

-Added battery

-Flashlight drains battery when on, recharges when off.

--Added new UI stat bars for health, stamina, condition, mana and battery

-Reduced map size and added new props

-Added beach location

-Added searchable locations (if you have hard time getting into little hut by beach area just crouch to walk through cloth door)

-Added Fireball attack drains mana

-Added zed death animation

-Added zed death sound

-Added player death and respawn (still really buggy)

-More killable zeds and took out roamers for now.

-Took out hover feature

-Added condition drops to 0 starts draining health (Eat Beans to cure infection and campfire to regain condition)

-Cleaned up scripting for player he runs a lot smoother now

August/2 Version .3

Added new Zed AI (Now they roam, chase you when they see you for 20 seconds and default back to roaming) Took out death sound for now.

Added First Aid Kit which heals half life, and 1/3 condition and heals infection

Added New Sprite images for group logs

Added New inventory GUI (Items only read to fifth slot but all work, a bug some where will try to get fixed asap)

Added In place holder image for pause menu

Added new sets of options (Not yet functioning)

Took out some trees for testing different models

Turned down background music and feet sounds(Water sound not working since 4.8.3 came out)

Found bug in campfire if you place it and take fire damage the damage doesn't stop even when far away(Will fix soon)

Other News: I might be working with a Modeler and restructuring the whole game look so things will be changing alot in the up coming weeks.

Other known bugs: Seen 1 Zed get stuck in attack animation and it registers as a hit so kill it quickly if this happens (Will fix asap)

August/5 Version .4

Added Fire Damage burning particle effect

Added Fire Damage Sound For place holder

Added New level layout for searching for items(Getting ready to produce lots more items.)

Added Ox2 Tank (will be taking out not doing air, I am Adding hunger and thirst)

Fixed Inventory only calling to 5th slot

Fixed flashlight bug-Made it in off state when starting game

Fixed campfire damage bug

Fixed Text not appearing over items that can be picked up

Fixed and Rewrote Flashlight script for better usage

August/8 Version .5

Added new UI art for player stats and hud

Added Hunger Meter (Player Take health damage when starving)

Added Thirst Meter (Player takes damage when thisty)Bugged atm will fix asap

Added Pepsi can to replenish thirst (Can does not appear in inventory atm will fix asap sorry because of thirst damage, PS worked fine in editor)

Added Item details to items when clicked on in inventory

Added a craftable & destructible fence

Redid logs pickup to craft fence not single cube

Added New bash animation to Zeds (when you place a fence between you and zed, zed will start bashing at fence. Fence will break after so many hits.( Still a bit buggy but works iff more then one zed try to get through fence at once you will more then likely see 1/2 of the zeds get stuck in bash animation).

Added new bashing sound place holder

Added new fence collapsing sound

Added particle dust effect on cam

Added leveling system (currently has no functionality) Easy to implement in new features based on exp and level

Added level and EXP hud by pressing the "B" key.

Added EXP Point system (Currently has no functionality) Easy to implement in new features based on exp and level

Took out Ox2 tank


Side Note: A lot of textures were deleted and begging reapplied later, so some textures do not appear.

August/9 Version .5.1

Quick Fix Patch
Fixed Pepsi cans not rendering(Now you can pick them up and drink)
Fixed Dying from thirst even after drinking
Fixed Dying from hunger even after eating

August/12 Version .6

Massive land change: Added in buildings, roads, lightpoles, streetlights, small pond and bridge and small hill side for some good visuals.
Added Piece of Meat cconsume for hunger and condition boost.
Added Rotation to Sun (Trying to mimic time of year) This will enable shorter days at times and shorter nights at time(Bugged)
Added Launch to Auto detect screen and graphic quality(Will be adding graphic options very soon now that their's a world to render)
Changed Pepsi can to a water bottle (Don't need that :)
Fixed water sounds
Fixed Opening level menu when you start game, now you have 2 choices New Game/ Quit Game
Redid Day & Night cycles (Still bugged)
Current problems/bugs
Zeds get stuck in certain animations at times, and always get stuck in attack animation if you run right past them.
Some items are misplaced in world so keep an eye out for food/water/health kits appear partially in world.
Day/Night/Year cycle only works for a while then stops or may hiccup while active. 
In the works:
Working on new AI system that will Idel, Wander, Chase and Bash smoothly.
Side note: As soon as AI is redone I will be adding more powers to player and begin on implementing level system in.

December/4 Version 1.0


Hello and sorry its been so long had alot of promblems with map crashes and hardware but enough of that.
Whats different?
New character and animations for player model. Player now has attack animations (still alittle off and new zed models coming soon).
Changed: Player inventory UI and Functionality- Now displays item details better, item stackin, weight and volume, first steps to getting actual crafting implemented.
Added: Enhancement bonuses to leveling- Now you gain new powers as you level and thirst, hunger, stamina and mana drain slower as you level (Still working on balancing but very awesome to level up now)
Added: While sprinting hold "Q" key for a mana sprint drains mana.
Added: New powers- At starting level you have "Fireball" at second level you gain "Life Drain" and third level you gain "Heal'. More abilities on their way, I have animations, particle effects and all is ready just getting much needed balancing and info first.
Power Abilities: Fireball is your standard attack which takes a few seconds in between casting and must be standing still. Life Drain this attack is gained at level 2 when you attack a enemy with this it drains small amount of health of time also used with Heal. Heal A power used only after you use Life Drain on a Zed, once Life Drain is used you have 30 seconds to use heal for a small health boost.
Added: Power Switch button-By hitting the "1" key you can scroll through each power you have if you are correct level.
Added: Random Item spawner set in 4 locations (will be posting video on getting started)
Added to the level a quick starter kit and campfire.
Took out: Craftable logs-You can no longer craft a fence nor a campfire. Added campfire to level for condition gain if you loss any condition.
Still to come AI overhaul more animations and powers.
Hoping for next big update to have crafting in.
Bugs: Zeds getting stuck when run right pass them, careful they get stuck in attack animation and still do damage (Sorry) If this happens run in front of them to get unstuck.
While using Mana Sprint if shift is released mana will still drain, If this happens hold shift and hit "Q" key until stops.
Working on alot more thank you so much for your patience please leave any feed back you wish and contact me for any questions.

December/24 Version 2.0


Added: Bat as a basic melee weapon. Collisions are slightly off.
Added: Kick, player can now kick the zeds by pressing C key.
Added: Animations for swigging Bat, Kicking, holding bat, and Aiming.
Added: Aiming feature now rasies gun up while aiming.
Changed: Can no longer Aim while sprinting.
Changed: Can no longer fire weapon while using Mana Sprint.
Changed: AI, redid AI so it runs smoother and no longer gets stuck in Attacking animation. Added in a trigger collision for better player detection when up close. Overall took out lots of unnecessary ticks and checks for better preformance. 
Changed: Flashlight Intensity so glare is toned way down.
Changed: Turned off Day and Night Cycles to reduce lag hopefully, Just for the moment.
Fixed: AI getting stuck in attack animation when ran past to close.
Known Issues: Holding Bat and catching on Fire will kill you even if fire stops(Working to fix ASAP)
Known Issues: Dropping weapon while aiming down will spawn weapon through world causing you to lose it(Working to fix ASAP)
Lots of changes and I think its starting to look and feel alot better. Now I will begin to work on more items, specific item spawning points(This would mean only certain areas would have chances to spawn certain items; such as a gun would not spawn with a can-o-beans). As soon as these changes are implemented in and I feel I can start expanding map, I will implement in new video options for custom set ups(Sorry for the delay on this one but a little less of priority until I have a solid system in play)
Hope you enjoy new update I have, it feels alot better then before. Any questions please feel free to email me at

January/4 Version 2.1


Added: New lighting features with add sunrays, glares, reflections, better shadows and better day and night cycles.
Added: Dusk and Dawn lighting to fade during dusk and brightens at dawn throught out day
Added: Loot containers (Press "E" to search) Trash Cans, Dressers, and Crates (ATM) 1 random item appears in container once which you also gain a little exp each new container searched.
Added: Save and Load options(Not yet working)
Added: Extended chase time, Vision for AI and redid trigger box to activate Zed attacking (Zeds now attack sooner so be quick on melee attacks)
Added: New Searchable buildings with first implementation of loot containers. 
Added: New cul de sac area with new buildings 
Added: New start building which hold a bat, dresser and bed inside and trashcan outside.
Added: Pallet bed decor (Soon to be save point)
Redid foliage for a litlle better performance.
Much more to come
Hope you enjoy new update I have, it feels alot better then before. Any questions please feel free to email me at